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Bankruptcy, Divorce
& Family Law Attorney

Serving All in the State of New Jersey Since 1995

Caring and Responsive Law Firm Helps You with Legal Problems in the Areas of Consumer Bankruptcy & Family Law throughout New Jersey.

Member of the New Jersey Bar Admitted to New Jersey Federal District Court and United States Supreme Court.

Restart your Financial Future Debt Free through Bankruptcy!

Start a New Chapter in your Life and the Life of your Family through Positive Resolutions in Family Law!”

The Law Office of Edward R. Wiercinski represents clients in Consumer Bankruptcy, and all Family Law Issues! Well known and highly regarded by other attorneys and by the Courts throughout New Jersey.


Attorney Ed Wiercinski is approachable so you are immediately at ease and confident in his ability to solve YOUR UNIQUE legal problem, he is always focused on making a brighter future for you and your family with a resolution of your legal issues!


Why Choose The Law Office of Edward R. Wiercinski




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Edward R. Wiercinski, Esquire is licensed to practice in all New Jersey State Courts, the U.S. District Court of New Jersey and the U.S. Supreme Court. He received his Juris Doctor from the University of Baltimore School of Law in Baltimore, Maryland and his undergraduate degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.


Ed Wiercinski is an excellent lawyer. He helped me with my bankruptcy and he also helped me with a traffic ticket, and did an excellent job. Ed's calls were returned promptly, and he was very comforting throughout both instances. Thanks to Ed, the outcomes turned out more favorable than expected.

   - Anonymous

I was more than satisfied with services provided me by Mr. Wiercinski. He was very professional. Answers all my questions in a timely manner. He is extremely knowledgeable and he was always prepared and made sure I was prepared as well. I would highly recommend his services.


Ed Wiercinski is an excellent lawyer. He answered all of my questions, he returned ALL of my calls. I will recommend him to all of my family and friends. Top notch lawyer. Thank you so much Ed you were truly God sent.

   - Helen

Consumer Bankruptcy

In our struggling economy, many people are dealing with unmanageable debts. Ed Wiercinski is a bankruptcy attorney who provides compassionate support who will help you get relief from overwhelming debt and creditor harassment.


If you are overwhelmed by debt, fear the telephone when it rings, cannot open your mail without fearing further law suits and threats for collection, wage executions, threats to repossess your car, and/or notice of pending foreclosure on your home; YOU want a bankruptcy attorney who will protect your rights and allow you to once again feel as if the overwhelming burden of debt has been taken off your shoulders, leading to financial freedom from debt.



Depending on your unique situation:


YES bankruptcy will allow you to start over with little to no debt owed!


YES bankruptcy will allow you to re-build your credit!


YES bankruptcy will allow you to save your House!


YES bankruptcy will allow you to save your Car!


YES bankruptcy will allow you to reinstate your D/L if suspended for MVC surcharges!


YES bankruptcy will allow you to stop wage garnishments / executions!


YES bankruptcy will allow you to stop levies on your bank accounts!


YES bankruptcy will affect your Credit BUT in a positive way!


YES bankruptcy will stop you creditors from harassing you with telephone calls and letters!

Divorce & Family Law

If you are facing the difficult decisions involved in separation and/or divorce, have children with another whether married of not, or ANY FAMILY LAW MATTER it is imperative and comforting to work with a Family Law attorney who is empathetic as well as experienced and an aggressive advocate for your child’s and your rights.


The dissolution of a marriage is emotional and stressful, even when both partners agree that it's the right decision. As a caring attorney Ed Wiercinski will help ease the legal strain of divorce so you can concentrate on the health and well-being of your family. Representing divorcing spouses throughout New Jersey, to reach favorable arrangements for the care and custody of your children and the division of your shared property. It is of upmost importance to have knowledge of New Jersey laws and practices to provide advice on all aspects of divorce and to address any questions or concerns so you the client have confidence moving forward.


When contemplating a divorce, there are many decisions that you and your to be ex-spouse need to make, including financial support for the children as well as alimony or spousal support,

And marital property must be divided under the legal term of Equitable Distribution.


Sometimes, a couple may want to live separately, but do not want to terminate their marriage. If divorce is not the right option for you, separation can be a viable alternative.


Parties whether married or not with children sometimes wish to relocate to another State. This relocation will have a significant effect on both the relocating parent and the parent remaining in New Jersey regarding child custody, parenting time, and support.


Prior Orders may need to be modified due to a change in circumstance regarding child support, child custody, visitation, and alimony agreements to suit the best interests of you and your family.

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