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Representation by Ed Wiercinski makes a difference.

Edward R. Wiercinski, Esquire is licensed to practice in all New Jersey State Courts, the U.S. District Court of New Jersey, and the U.S. Supreme Court.  He has over 29 years of experience practicing Law.  He takes a “hands on, personal approach” to every matter that needs to be resolved for his clients.   In his free time, he is a devoted father, and enjoys volunteering for local and national charities, enjoys “old muscle cars”, the beach and mountains, and quality time at the gym and Dojo with his son.

Bankruptcy   |   Chapter 7 & 13
Divorce  |   Family Law

As a Client of Ed's:


The relationship a client forms with an attorney, when that client is faced with a situation that requires not only the skill of a litigator but also and of utmost importance the working relationship founded on understanding and care for the individual client's needs, can and does make a difficult legal matter much easier to handle by the client. The Law Firm of Edward R. Wiercinski treats all clients and their legal matters with the highest level of respect. Edward R. Wiercinski personally responds to all contacts with the firm if not the day of the message than within twenty-four hours. The relationship of the Law Firm of Edward R. Wiercinski with all clients is: with all cases aggressively handled to conclusion through negotiated resolution or litigation by Edward R. Wiercinski, Esquire. Your matter will NOT be handed over to an Associate after the initial consultation. It is based on this level of experience and the empathetic handling of client's sensitive, emotional, and many times life altering legal matters by Edward R. Wiercinski, Esquire individually; that compels clients to continue to refer others to choose legal representation by Edward R. Wiercinski, Attorney at Law.


Your Legal matter will be personally handled by attorney Ed Wiercinski and not handed off to an Associate Attorney. Call 856-489-0580 office, 609-760-5686 business cell, or contact him online to schedule a free consultation!

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